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Due to this irritating COVID-19, which caused CB Circuit Breaker to be activated, knn.ninja cannot tahan remaining sane anymore and have decided to come out to help everyone, including himself. SG Local businesses (be it big or small), may use this FREE platform to upload their business services and current promotions. The platform allows the community to discover deals based on their location. Whether if it’s our favourite hawker stalls providing free delivery for bulk orders or chain restaurants having 1-for-1 deals, knn.ninja hopes everyone can help to gather all this information together. Knn.ninja also hopes that the local businesses will be able to pull through this really tough time (It is tough for knn.ninja to be locked at home too…) #sgunited
As for the complaints posted on knn.ninja, they are submitted by anonymous users or were extracted from other online sources. At the moment, anyone is able to publish their post without any approval needed, as long as they can prove that they are real human. knn.ninja also serves as a platform for people to complain about things that are happening around them and will not be responsible for any damages (physical/social/mental) caused. We encourage our contributors and viewers to be respectful to the community and avoid posting/sharing/commenting things pertaining to race, religion, sexism & sexuality, hatred speech, and violence. knn.ninja will work hard to maintain a safe and respectful platform for everyone to share and connect with each other. Please reach out to us immediately should you notice any inappropriate content found on knn.ninja.

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If you see any inappropriate content, remarks or things that could possibly cause a stir in the peace and harmony of this tiny red dot, please let us know. We will try our best to remove it as soon as possible. Use the form below or email us at hello@knn.ninja