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Min. Order (for delivery)
No minimum order. Delivery fee @ $8. Limited to the Easties

Hi all,

Stall name
– Kun Kee
– Million Star Fried Banana
-Thiam Kee Chicken Rice
– Woon Woon White Bee Hoon (New Stall)
– Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak (New Stall)
– Changi Village Fried Hokkein Noodles

Location – Changi Village hawker Centre

Food we are selling –

Stall 1 – Kun Kee

*Prices below is inclusive of 20ct charge for plastic container

1.) Black Carrot Cake (chilli will be given on the side) $3.20/$5.20
2.) White Carrot Cake (chilli will be given on the side) $3.20/$5.20
2.) Fried oyster (with starch) $5.20/$8.20
3.) Oyster Omelette (without starch) $6.20/$8.20
(fried oyster & oyster omelette chilli will be packed separately)
(additional oysters at $2 per serving of 6 pcs)

Stall 2 – Million Star Fried Bananas

1) Fried Tapioca $1
2) Fried Sweet Potato $1
3) Fried Banana Raja $1
4) Fried Campedak $1.50
5) Fried Nian Gao with sweet potato $1.50
6) Fried Yam $1.50
7) Fried Sweet Potato Fries $3 per packet
8) Fried Green Bean $1

Stall 3 – Thiam Kee Hainanese chicken rice

* Prices below is inclusive of 20ct charge for plastic container

1)Chicken rice $3.20/$5.20
2)Char Siew rice $3.20/$5.20
3)Roast pork rice $3.20/$5.20
4)Char siew n roasted Pork rice $4.20/$6.20
5)Chicken rice set $5.20/$7.20
6)Half/whole chicken $13/26
(Pls indicate steam or roasted chicken for your order)
7)Wanton noodle $3.20/$5.20
8)Roasted chicken noodle $3.20/$5.20
9)Roasted pork noodle$3.20/$5.20
10)Ipoh hor fun $3.20/$5.20
(Pls indicate chilli or no chilli for noodle)
11)Egg $0.50 each
12)fragrant rice $0.70 each

Stall 4
Woon Woon white bee Hoon

1) Seafood Platter (crayfish, Prawn, Sliced Fish & Lala)
Size: $27 for 2 pax
$35 for 3 pax
$45 for 4 pax

Stall 5
Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak

Set A(Chicken, egg, ikan bilis)$4
Set B(Fillet, egg, ikan bilis) $4
Set C (Fish, egg, ikan bilis) $5
Set D (Otah, egg, ikan bilis) $4
Set E (Hotdog, egg, ikan bilis)$4
Set F (Sotong, egg, ikan bilis) $5.50

Extra chicken wing at $2 per piece

6) Changi Village Fried Hokkein Noodles

$5 or $8 fried Hokkein Noodles (please indicate with or without chilli)

As we are located in the very east of Singapore, we are not able to provide island-wide delivery at the moment, we can only cater to family & friends located in the East eg. Changi, Loyang, Pasir Ris, Tanah Merah, Simei, Tampines & Bedok. Please WhatsApp to 9006 1110 for other areas in the east to check if we can deliver.

-Delivery charges are at $8 for all locations mentioned above. For other areas in the east, pm to 90061110 to find out delivery charge.

-No Minimum order
-Delivery timings are
1.) 12pm to 1.30pm, last order at 10am
2.) 6pm to 7.30pm, last order at 4pm

-To order, please provide the following details base on the format below and submit it thru whatapps to +6590061110 :

~Hp number
~Address with postal code
~Delivery time slot
~Stall 1 or 2
~Item Name / Pricing & Quantity
~Total price + delivery fee to transfer

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