Please check and double check on the expiry date. Do not assume that the products your purchased from supermarket are all safe for consumption.

This box of Mooncake/pastry was purchased by my mum from NTUC XTRA (Jurong Point 24hr outlet) on 7th Sept 2018. As stated on the price tag, the date of expiry is 1st Dec 2018. But on a closer look, there is actually another price tag below. Being a Singaporean, we are really KPO and decide to reveal the mystery. To our horror, the price is the same BUT the expiry date is dated last year. Meaning it has already expired?

Yes, you can say that it might be a human error, which I totally agree too. But shouldn’t the manufacturer/supplier remove the initial price tag? Or is it because the price tag has been on the box for the past 1 year and they are worried that removing the price tag will destroy the packaging?

I understand that these pastries have long shelves life (due to the amount of preservative added) but as consumers, we should be getting what we paid for and not based on the condition of the product using naked eyes; having the expiry dates changed as and when the suppliers/manufacturers feel like it.

Anyway, the above is solely based on my own assumption and neither am I here to slammed the supermarket for not checking on their supplier. I just want to let everyone be aware that this can even happen to reputable supplier/supermarket NTUC FairPrice in Singapore. I am not sure if this happen to just a few boxes or across the whole of Singapore. If you happen to pass by the supermarket or any store selling this brand of mooncake, please feel free to help Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to investigate. Thank you.

Posted by: Ben Wong

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